wakenaam island village map
wakenaam island village map

Wakenaam has multiple villages which is shown on the map. Click Here

population of wakenaam island

Approx. population of 10,000 Mainly East Indian, Native Indian and African descent.

wakenaam island coconut farms

Thrives on agriculture. Farmers grow rice, coconut and various vegetables and roots.

Discover Wakenaam Island

Wakenaam is an island of about 17.5 square miles (45km) at the mouth of the Essequibo river of Guyana. It was settled at one time by the Dutch in the 18th century; the name Wakenaam is Dutch meaning “waiting for a name.” the island, like most other islands in the Essequibo river in Guyana, is characterized by green vegetation, blue skies and cool breeze from the Atlantic.

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August 1st 2014 to August 4th 2014- Wakenaam Town Weekend

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population of wakenaam island